Our Group

We are part of a group of care homes based around the West Midlands. With over 22 years experience in the care home industry we are committed to providing safe, nurturing environments for our residents and staff. We now have 5 care homes within the group each with its own character. We believe our philosophy of honesty, integrity and care have helped our care homes be successful and well-loved as they are.

Our philosophy of care

In order to meet the clients needs our philosophy of care includes:

  • Care service designed to meet the requirements of the recognised accredited Quality Standard from a people-oriented perspective.
  • Ensuring the care service is delivered in a non-discriminatory fashion with due care and attention whilst also respecting each service user’s right to independence, privacy, dignity, fulfilment and the rights to make informed choices.
  • Ensuring service user’s religious, cultural, racial, ethnic, political, marital and other needs and values are respected.
  • Ensuring care as a whole is delivered in accordance with agreed contracts of care.
  • Successful management and implementation of a formal programme of training and development of staff to ensure the needs of service users is met.
  • Managing care efficiently and effectively, making the best use of resources and maximising value for the service user.
  • Ensuring service users / service user’s relatives receive written information on care home procedures where relevant and appropriate.